Web Design Worksheet

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    1. What information & content will the site have?

    1a. Static Content:
    (ex. About, Bios, Contact/Directions, FAQ)

    1b. Dynamic/Updated Content:
    (ex. news/blog, press releases, events, downloads)

    1c. Interactive Content:
    (ex. forum, store)

    1d. Eye Candy/Sidebars/Other:
    (ex. ads, sliders, featured articles, new releases)

    2. How would you like the site to look?

    2a. Adjectives:
    (ex. professional, understated, playful, modern)

    2b. Colors:

    2c. Images:
    (logo, graphics-- stock photography? illustrations? original art?)

    3. Who do you anticipate visiting the site & what will they need to know?

    (ex. fans, potential clients, returning customers, press)

    4. Will the site need to be updated? What parts of the site? How often?

    5. What are some sites you like and what are some sites you don't like?
    How about paintings, magazine/book design, album artwork, etc. -- anything visual?

    Please include links if possible.

    6. Have you already registered the domain name? Do you have a webhost?

    6a. Domain name:

    6b. Webhost:

    6c. Additional information/questions:

    7. Do you already have a logo? If not, are looking to have one designed? Please describe any ideas you have for the logo.

    8. Do you own or have permission to use any graphical assets (ex. photography, illustrations) that could be used in the site design? Are you interested in any original illustration work (such as backgrounds, banners, icons, etc.)?

    9. What is the time frame?

    10. Budget?

    11. Anything else?

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